About Me

photo-on-2015-12-10-at-12-28-pm-4I love Jesus, my wife and children, teaching God’s Word, strumming on my guitar, working with teenagers, playing hockey, and cheering for the Toronto Maple Leafs.

I’m currently he pastor of Island Bible Chapel (islandbiblechapel.com), where I fill a teaching ministry to the adults, teens and children in the Central Algoma area.  I also travel to preach at other churches in the area, mixing Bible teaching and songs.

Before I was a pastor, I spent 13 years as the Managing Director of Camp Aush-Bik-Koong (campabk.com) and before that 8 years as an elementary school teacher on Manitoulin Island.

I have a fondness for Biblical Archaeology, and write a regular column for the Associates for Biblical Research (biblearchaeology.org) on the latest current events in the world of biblical archaeology.  In addition, I’ve written articles for their magazine, Bible and Spade.  I also host a weekly podcast called Digging for Truth on Hope Stream Radio (http://hopestreamradio.com/program/digging-for-truth/).

I can be reached by email me at windlebry@yahoo.com.

ABR Website

  1. https://bryanwindle.wordpress.com/2016/12/15/the-archaeology-of-christmas/

    Hi your reference is wrong:
    footnote 6: Gerald Culley, “The Star of Bethlehem” Bible and Spade (29.3, 2016), pg. 82.

    this issue does not exit. the winter 2016 is vol 29.1

    What is the correct reference please?

    • Hi Steve,
      The latest edition of Bible and Spade was just released. It’s listed as Vol. 29, No. 3 on the cover – the Fall 2016 issue.
      Thanks for reading my blog.

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